mount rushmore

and so, this wraps up our eventful roadtrip. unfortunately, the last part of the trip was the most UNeventful.

when we arrived at the basin of mount rushmore, there happened to be a snowstorm. so what you see above this is a very accurate representation of what we saw. we were both very bummed.

the entire way back was nothing but hardcore driving in shitty weather. in wyoming, the wind was so strong i could barely stay on the road. i had to keep the wheel to a constant 45 degrees to the left just to stay straight on the road. i felt like i was in nascar.

we arrived a bit early but we are glad to be out of the RV. it was getting a little cramped at the end of the 2 weeks.

we don't regret anything though.

not many pictures, but here's what we have
here's our entire route a la indiana jones
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Simon -
Mt Rushmore looks breathtaking!