ninja, please.

tonight i went to a cat circus. yes, it was just as fun as it sounds. i'm looking at how to compress video and will post those next time. Otherwise, here's what's been going on in my life:


i don't think it has been mentioned, but i have a full time job (contract work) and have been incredibly busy with this and some other side projects as well. i've picked up a few new skills with my new job (caution, geek speak approaching):


with a new job comes new money. here's what i couldn't resist purchasing:

i should have caught up with current tech for the moment. i feel as if i don't need to purchase anything until next year... at the very least.


not much travel, other than a business trip to florida. in a few weeks, nat and i will be traveling to the bahaamas though. i should cover that in more detail once it happens.

life events:
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