i'm back.

now that I'm working full time on my own thing over at dental departures, i thought i would do a little write up on it.

if you are in need of major dental care, say like you need all of your teeth replaced with implants, or several crowns, or something of that nature; this will cost you dearly here in the best country in the world. that's because our dentists love to make it rain over at the strip club.

our service over at dental departures let's a patient in need search for cheap dentists in mexico or if they are feeling up to more of an adventure, they can search for thailand dentists.

the quality of the dentists listed at dental departures are excellent. we are very selective and only want the best to represent our business.

would you travel overseas to save $10,000? we've had thousands do that so far. the business works! i'm next in line to get my teeth fixed. i'm hoping it is in thailand!
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