self employed, actually.

apologies to those newcomers to see such foul expletives.

after a few months of searching for a reasonable job, ie. not mcdonalds, i eventually gave up and decided to revive jellyleaf, my web design business. i've had the domain and logo for a long time. i thought i would use it when i was employed previously, but it turned out to be too much work for too little money.

but here in chicago, it's a whole new ballgame. i started to do some work for a motorcycle shop here, motoworks and through the owner, johnny, i was able to score a ton of new work. connections are key. in san diego, the only connections i had were artists and musicians. they were the ones asking for a website for 50 bucks.

i still have so much to work on; it's quite overwhelming...but exciting! it doesn't feel like work as much as a desk job. i get to meet new people all over the city and work on different projects all the time.

i even turned down a few jobs to pursue this. of course they had to come asking for me to work as soon as jellyleaf takes off. but most of the offers have been low and the position doesn't seem interesting enough to convince me to join them.

well, off to work again. (it feels so strange to type that)
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