the laboratory.

i'll just cut to the point: house pictures.

for those who care, the whole "doing nothing" stage has finally become maddening. i've been wondering if this is how my cats feel after a full day of napping and staring out the window. today i decided that this needed to end and have employed myself by fixing my webiste and doing an update. i've completed the image cache code and this has shown a 50% increase in speed with large images! i've also added a little bit of captcha to the comments section so that i don't get random bot spam.

only had a few trips into chicago to do some job hunting with nat. she's found a job and a large salon and things are going ok with that. it may be some time before she builds up enough of a clientle as it seems that she's spending more money getting there than she is making.

we went to 2 excellent restaurants so far: cafe absinthe and japonais. both in the $$$$ range, but well worth it.

i have cleaned out the basement of this place and told the ghost of the dead man to leave. i also built a workbench and have built a small robot that failed to ever walk. after i broke one of its legs, i decided that maybe electronics isn't for me and took a little break from inhaling lead fumes.

by the end of this month i hope to finish my bottle cap mosaic that i've been talking about for years. will post with the results soon.

thanks for listening.
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