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below are unique albums in my music collection because i can listen to the entire album without skipping songs (well, maybe one). i thought i might share. NOTE: yes, i do have a very specific taste in music, but maybe someone out there can respect that sound as well.

i cannot get enough of this album. i never thought i would like techno style music (i now that if you don't understand music, that you think that all electronic music is "techno") but there is a style that is called techno...and i've never been a fan. that is until this album. unbelieveable, fully electronic techno that is so beautiful, my GF has to listen to it every weekend....and she isn't even into this stuff!!!
italian electro / house

very new to my collection and a new genre to play with. it's uniquely poppy with simple beats and sounds, but it's just fun to listen to. i like every single song on this album. my girlfriend loves it as well.
Trip Hop / IDM

i was recently given this album from a friend and absolutely blown away at the sounds and passion put into this music. very moving.
Electronic / Pop

man this album is a lot of fun! very recent to my collection, riton is a talented producer who develops interesting, but very catchy tunes. this CD is a collection of various vocal artists and music styles. plus has a rad cover of The Cure's - killing an arab. very cool shit.

when i was young i listened to this to make me feel better about myself. personally i think that this album blows away any other stuff that they've done. masterful programming and sexy lyrics make this a timeless one for me. brings back lots of sad memories.
IDM / Ambient

i heard one of the songs off this album when i made myself a random minidisc for my trek through europe. i just popped in a handful of cds into my 200 disc changer (many borrowed) and hit random and recorded. i never knew who the artist was, but someone i figured it out and i've been a long time autechre fan ever since. this is their most solid album, but others are amazing as well.

kinda sticks out in my collection, but faith no more rocks for two reasons to me. one is mike patton's amazing vocal abilities and the second is that they have awesome keyboarding in almost every track. i <3 electronics!

i hated marilyn manson for many years because i thought he was a joke. when tourniquet had some radio play, my ears perked up a little, but i still didn't listen. i finally borrowed this album from a buddy and was amazed by the complexity of the music itself. i then started listening to the lyrics and found the guy to be quite entertaining. good stuff if you give it chance!!

very autechre like, but good. classic, pretty IDM that you need to listen to with headphones.
Classic Electronic

man this album brings back so many memories of my early youth. i don't even think i can recall anything from this long ago other than smell and sound. absolutely epic, beautiful analog synth stuff going here...all backed by timeless quotes from the movie.
IDM / Drum and Bass / Hardcore

venetian snares is a challenge to listen to. his stuff is so complex and hard on the eardrums, most people turn it off after about 30 seconds and never listen again. this album takes a little break to the time signature changes and complex chord structures and takes advantage of timeless dance programming to make it a bit more listenable. even my roommate, who listens to simple dance music, dug the complex rhythms and bouncy vocals (which are rarely present) that aaron funk throws down. i can't get enough of this album!
Dance / Pop

absolutely the cheeziest of my collection, but done so well, i can't help but put it here. some of the songs make me really happy and other make me think of hot summer days in new york. even though i've never been there, this album takes me there. fun shit!
Pop / Electronic / Industrial

growing up to anything other than this album would have changed my taste in music for the rest of my life. depressing, moving, driving, awesome!
IDM / Lo-Fi

a rare gem that few have heard of, this album is the most unique cd i've ever heard. i just don't know how to describe it, but it's so out there, it's good! you gotta love anything with a urinal on the cover. :)
IDM / Noise

very new to my collection, this is the ultimate make out music. imagine acoustic guitars and drum machines all run a little amp and process so heavily and dreamy that you just wanna make love to yourself. uh, yeah....

aphex twin has a huge influence on modern electronic music, so it's no surprise that i would have an album by him on my list. this one is my favorite though because he slows things down a bit and it isn't so damn technical like most IDM these days. i think it almost may have started the whole "melodic IDM" movement...though other IDM heads would curse me for saying something like that because somehow i haven't heard so-and-so's album released 6 weeks prior to this...i'm rambling.

almost everything this kid is releasing these days is exciting me. technically great, emotionally there. love this album.
Rock / Noise

i think the cover very accurately describes the sound of this album. i'm no expert but to me it sounds as if layers upon layers of guitar and noise were fed through a tape player with shitty mechanics to distort the tempo. great stoner music! timeless!

just a classic, solid, pretty collection of electronics that really doesn't fail my tastes. may not be for everyone.

i ordered this album on a whim from some random website. not knowing what to expect, i was absolutely amazed after only one listen. crunch is the perfect name for the well sequenced crackles and clips. really awesome sampling here. i swear one of them is someone shaking dice in their hands. very pretty too.

when i look at the cover for this album, i can't help but think that this was music made by the ancients. very spacy and generic, but so different i had to keep listening. µ-ziq has a very distinct style that is characterized by synths with tons of portamento and lots of reverb. this album's close to my heart, but i doubt many others like it as much.

holy crap, one of the most amazing things i've ever heard! so much talent it makes you want to puke! imagine an album that jumps from death metal to jazz to acapella to video games to fucked up circus melodies and back to metal all within a minutes time. the first time i heard this album, i hated it. it was too much. now i'm blown away every single time i hear it. give it a chance, you'll never look back.

just a classic dance album by one of the more talented dance music producers out there. this was back when they really took the time to orchestrate tons of samples and melodies in their music. these days things have simplified quite a bit, but this is a fantastic solid album. may sound a little dated by today's standards.

again, just another random melodic idm album that i can listen through the whole way. nothing new or groundbreaking, just good solid electronic music.

wonderfully fine fusion of acoustics and industrial and very unique lyrics. hard to describe, but some may not like it's harshness. first song scared an ex girlfriend of mine when i played it, but it gives me the tingles.
IDM / Minimal

ISAN is makes some strange stuff. so minimal and slow, yet so beautiful. they prove that you don't need flash to be impressive. more good makeout music. :)

so fun! this proves that the beastie boys are artists and have some really crazy talent. i love this kind of music, but cannot find other artists that have similar style. anyone have any suggestions?

orbital is another one of those classic electronic artists out there that release some really quality stuff. this album was a close tie with insides but i feel like this one is a little more classic in a way. no cliched sounds other than some really early inklings of drum and bass, which i think that they may have even pioneered. very strange album, very good.

just found this guy cuz he played local, but didn't play this type of stuff. i think i read a review or he has a quote on his website that says, "robotic music that tries so hard to be human". i find it beautiful.
IDM / Electro

another one of those albums that i absolutely hated the first time i heard it. i thought it was too simple for my likings, nothing to it. but after a few more listens (with headphones) i found that the devil really is in the details. slowly it became one of my all time favorites and now it's on this list. i don't leave home without it. :)
Rock / Heroin

hey, what can i say. this album relaxes me so much...it really feels like what heroin would feel like. (i really don't know!)
Jungle / Drum and Bass

jump up jungle done right. awesome samples (i think there's something from an old batman episode) and great new york flavor makes this mix an all time stagl classic.
80s / Pop

ok, this is the most embarassing thing on this page. i wonder why i even list it. i would never really play this for anyone for fear that i would get shot. it's basically a collection of 80s and 90s style songs that cover all the played out genres of it's time. ED DMX just does it right. it's just...i dunno...catchy? oh well...
rock / acapella

saw these guys live and i was hooked. droning gutars and drum machines with beautiful voices, of which most of the band sings, make a really unique and wonderfully simple sound scape that will impress your brother or your mother.

btw, the title is: desperate youth, blood thirsty babes. couldn't fit it with my shitty graphics rendering script. :-/