holy grand!

after leaving las vegas, with its beautiful 70 degree weather, we arrived at the grand canyon and its abysmal 30 degree weather.

of course, it was overcast that day. after several snapshots, we took a quick hike around a few lookout points before we realized that we were just looking at a giant hole in the ground and we were freezing our noses off. we left that joint to make our way to santa fe.

along the way we stopped in milan, new mexico for some gas and snacks. the only reason i even remember the name of this two-bit town is due to the fact that my sonofabitch cat decided to lock us out of the RV. nat left the keys in the ignition. while i was gassing up and she was shopping for snacks, step gently placed his little paw on the lock button. the scene that then followed looked like something out of a AAA commercial with us coaxing step to "step" back on the button. we giggled for a little while, but then the giggles turned into expletives. regarding AAA, i realized that i had a membership and promptly called only to be rejected. they said that since i didn't have an RV membership, they couldn't get my keys out of the RV. i retorted by saying that i would be canceling my membership as soon as i get into town. i'm sure the operator was very upset by this.

it took about 20 minutes to get step to open the door and we were on our way again.

after all the commotion, we couldn't make it all the way there that night, so we stopped off at a walmart in albuquerque. they allow RVs to camp out in their parking lot. we believe it is because of any hope to stop in the store and stock up on the franken-berry and 9-volt batteries. against my normal will, we shopped and stocked up on some breakfast supplies for the same cost as staying in an RV park that that worked out nice. well, other than the fact that someone siphoned some gas out of our tank during the middle of the night. i gather that they took about 3 gallons.

santa fe turned out to be a nice departure from my prediction of the town. we shopped a lot and got a feel for the town in only a few hours. the backdrop has a strong adobe theme going that could turn even a southwestern art-hater like myself. although, there was enough turquoise jewelry to bury rhode island. it was driving us crazy and we had to take off.

right now we are in colorado springs. we drove through some small mountains and it started to snow a bit. enough to make me a bit nervous driving this thing. but we made it in one piece.

the rest of our trip is starting to look a bit uneventful. the only other real planned attraction on our itinerary is mount rushmore. again, any suggestions would be helpful. thanks for reading.

pictures here
next stop: mount rushmore
current location: here
Simon -
Check out it’s a guide to bizarre off beat attractions around the US. Did Simon appear yet? Don’t see too many pics of him! Send me my footage of shooting guns!

Hugelow -
THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BALL OF YARN! Isn’t that in SD somehwere? <br> <br>Go Steppie!!! As soon as he learns to drive I’ll be uber-impressed.


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america, the land of the free ($20 for entry to park)

apologies for no updates, but we have been off the grid for quite a few days.

after leaving monterey, we took a quick nap in stockton, ca, then headed our way to lake tahoe. we had a few good views and a nice hike that day. the next day we took a (faux) steamboat around emerald bay and had a nice chat with some elderly women. one of them told me she was a photographer about 9 times. she took a bad picture of us.

after that we made our way to yosemite. on the way there, nat contracted "mountain madness" from driving too long in the dark. the next morning we woke up bright and early to seize the day and all that yosemite had to offer. of course, it started to rain. luckily we snuck in a quick hike to some falls and had a nice view of one of the largest monoliths in the world, el capitan.

on the way down the mountain, the rain turned into freezing rain. we made sure to hightail it out of there before we careened off the edge of the cliffs with no safety railings.

as we made it to the bottom, we had an amazing view of mono lake; a super blue lake with a almost perfect white island in the center. we both agreed that the view of mono lake stretching over to yosemite, this gradual change from desert to mountain scape, was the most beautiful thing we've seen yet. of course, these are impossible to capture on film. i kind of kick myself for not trying though.

after yosemite, we drove through the desert and witnessed some strange landscape. our favorite was the coniferous trees that were growing out of white desert sands. the weirder the view, the more enjoyable it seemed to get.

i started to contract "desert fever" after driving in the desert for so long. nat still had a bit of "mountain madness". luckily for us, we found that the perfect cure for these illnesses was a almost deadly dose of gas station cuisine. beef jerky, red bull, and cheetoz seemed to do the trick.

we made our way to vegas and the weather has been perfect here. i think that the winter months for vegas must be the best time to be here. we broke the monotony of nature by checking out david copperfield's opening day at the MGM grand. the show started a little slow, and a bit egotistical, but ended up being just as awesome as his reputation perceives.

new pictures here

next stop: the grand canyon
current location: here
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what's up, big sur?!

i'm updating this while doing 60mph and drinking a beer. it makes typing difficult.

finally have some interwebs back. we stayed the night in the redwood forests of big sur. beautiful, but not wired (or unwired even). we took a quick hike to a small waterfall and then made our way to monterey bay.

the aqurium was quite amazing. quite possibly the largest tanks of sealife i've ever seen. i guess i can understand why it is "world famous".

images have been uploaded, but are unaccessable through the gallery link. i have to update some code, but i'm not entirely ready to do that on the road just yet (it really is that difficult to type).

in the meantime: click here for roadtrip pictures!

when browsing the pictures, you'll notice that simon is absent from all of them. he's been a scared little bitch and won't come out from hiding until we are practically sleeping. step has been a sweetie.

as far as RV life goes, there's a bit of a learning curve. setup and breakdown each day runs about an hour, so we have to wake up much earlier than we are used to so we can take advantage of each day. for the most part, we are really enjoying our new, temporary, tiny home.

i had a friend tell me that RV stands for "ruins vacations". aaron, if you are reading this, maybe you were going with the wrong people. :)

on a side note, i would like to apologize for the speed of the site lately. i've noticed that since i'm not on a ludicrous speed connection anymore, the site can really drag. i need to code some caching when i get back onto non-moving ground to help with that. until then, please bear with my shit code.

next stop: lake tahoe.
current location: here.
stagl -
yeah, the kitty box works better than i thought. we have to clean it right after a "movement", but otherwise has been tolerable. there will be an update this evening.

Hugelow -
I want more pics foo!

Jon -
Yo. That map is bad ass. Hope you guys hare having a blast. Did you put $100 for me on red in Vegas like you said you would?

Simon -
Wish we were on the adventure with ya! Sounds like a lot of fun. How’s the litter box treating you in the confined space of the RV?!!!


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on the road again...

nat and i are off to a late start... a few days and a few hours late. so what you see above is a fairly good representation of what we are looking at right now.

this was only after we packed, changed our address, got water for the trip, meds for the kitties, donated useless stuff, and finally handed everything off to our great friend jon for our movers.

we also took a test run after packing the camper and found that if anything isn't buckled down, it is pretty much destined to end up on the ground or in your lap. there were a few spills i'm too embarrassed to even mention.

our first stop is the santa margarita koa kampgrounds. when we arrive there, we'll learn how to dump our poo and fill the water tanks, since cruise america offers RVs with empty water tanks. it would be nice to take a shower sometime today.

overall, the cats have been wonderful. i haven't had to shoot them with the tranquilizer yet. step keeps falling asleep our laps and simon has found himself a hole somewhere in the camper and won't come out.

i'll upload some pictures in the next few days. until then, here's a shot of where we are at this very moment
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only a few more days of san diego life....although, i've been spending more time planning my move than soaking up the rays on the beach.

nat and i have an RV reserved for 2 weeks, one-way to chicago. we will have an internet connection along the way, so i shall also update staglicious with photos that i snap along the way. i also purchased some GPS software for my mac so i'll keep staglicious updated with our progress as well. think indiana jones airline map...just more squiggly.

if anyone has any suggestions for stops along the way, please feel free to leave some comments.

major sites so far are:
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Jen -
He is so sexy, where is his brother?


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