before and after - how to make a camo car - more pics

1. wash car completely. make sure you have a cat named simon step all over it after it is washed. if you don't have a cat named simon, come on by and i'll loan you mine.

2. remove all excess junk from car with toxic chemicals that will eat through all synthetic and natural substances.

3. sand original paint down to a dull finish. mask optional if you wish to breed later on in life.

4. mask off all areas that you do not wish to be painted.

5. paint primer coat. i choose a red/brown primer that would closely match both the old color and the new. the perfect segue into camouflagismination!

6. apply base coat of camo. since i was going for more of a deserty look, i used a tan color. make sure your paints are heavy duty camo paints. i chose VHT camo paints from caswell for their durable coat and ultra flat finish.

7. paint camo pattern! (don't you love vagueness of this last step, quite possibly the hardest of them all! i'm such a cocksucker! ha!)