before and after - how to make a camo car - more pics

behold the camo car! the girls love it! the guys hate it! i love generalizing!

i decided to get crazy with at least one car in my life after a few visits to burning man. i ran into a guy there with an amazing bike and was talking about everyday life with an art vehicle. i asked if he got stares, and of course he replied, "fuck yeah, but fuck 'em". words never better spoken!

i have no idea where i got the ideas of fur and camo, but all i know is that i bought this car for $400 from my good friends amy and shawn bigbee and i said to myself, "this car will live in infamy" or something to that degree.

probably the one thing that i'm most proud about is the fact that i make people smile when crusing down the highway. whether it be in humilation, or just plain awe, i feel that i am doing my duty to keep people from having a bad day during rush hour traffic in san diego. it's better than road rage. :)

much thanks to stan kurdziel for helping me document the process...something i always seem to forget to do.